Academician Politician

Chris Potranandana
(คริส โปตระนันทน์)

Chris Potranandana<br>(คริส โปตระนันทน์)

Liberal politician advocating for economic liberalism

Place of Birth: Bangkok

Date of Birth: Thu Apr 07, 1988

Family Background:

  • Born to Mr. Meepas Potranandana and Ms. Veena Warachoteset.
  • Grand parents: Phraya Soonthornlikhit, a MInistry of Education’s official and Khunying Rabiab


  • B.A Laws (Hornors) in Public Laws, Chulalongkorn University
  • Thai Bar class 63
  • Graduate Diploma of Economics (Merit), University of Nottingham
  • LL.M. Antitrust Law and Economics, University of California Bergley under Fulbright scholarship


  • Assistant Researcher at King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • 2018 Co-found Future Forward Party
  • Member of Parliament Committee on expressway and Bangkok Transit System (BTS) concession extension
  • 2023 Leader Zendai Party


  • Chairman Asian Law Students’ Association