Business Leader

Tan Passakornnatee
(ตัน ภาสกรนที)

Tan Passakornnatee<br>(ตัน ภาสกรนที)

Self-made business tycoon with line of business spanning soft drinks, restaurants and real-estate.

Place of Birth: Chon Buri

Date of Birth: Sat Apr 04, 1959

Family Background:

Born to a Chinese immigrant family.


Finished middle school


  • Started out as a manual laborer at Sahapat Group.
  • Started a book and magazine vending stall.
  • Owned a shophouse and moved into real-estate business.
  • 1999 Started Oishi restaurants and then soft drink business under the brand “Oishi Green Tea” and “Amino OK”.
  • Started wedding studio WBC (Wedding Business Consultant).
  • Found Oishi Group PCL
  • 2010 Sold Oishi Group to Thai Beverage
  • 2010 Found Mai Tan Co., Ltd.
  • Found Double Drink Co., Ltd.
  • 2016 Renamed Mai Tan to Ichitan Group
  • Found Eastin Tan Hotel in Chiengmai
  • Found Building T-One in Thong Loh, Bangkok

Marital Status:

Married to Sunisa Passakornnatee with 3 children, Gift, Get and Glaiglai Passakornnatee