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Ex-Director of the Forensic Science Institute, Ministry of Justice and human rights activist
CEO Amata Corporation PCL
The 27th Prime Minister of Thailand, Democrat Party leader
Former Secretary-General of UNCTAD, Director-General of WTO, Minister of Commerce
Boxer, the first Thai Olympic gold medalist
Business tycoon turned politician, 23rd prime minister of Thailand
The 18th Prime Minister of Thailand
Leading Thai economist and expert on corruption and gambling
Chairman Constitution Drafting Committee, prominent legal expert
Thailand's third richest business tycoon, chairman Thai Beverage Group
Secretary-General Securities and Exchange Commission
Economist, Managing Director Phatra Securities PCL.
Former finance minister
Ex-Finance Minister, ex-Bank of Thailand deputy governor, opinion leader
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    Pornthip Rojanasunand
    Ex-Director of the ...
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    Vikrom Kromadit
    CEO Amata ...
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    Abhisit Vejjajiva
    The 27th Prime ...
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    Supachai Panitchpakdi
    Former ...
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    Somrak Kamsing
    Boxer, the first ...
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    Thaksin Shinawatra
    Business tycoon ...
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    Anand Panyarachun
    The 18th Prime ...
  • images/sobipro/entries/163/Sangsit Piriyarangsan.jpg
    Sangsit Piriyarangsan
    Leading Thai ...
  • images/sobipro/entries/157/Meechai Ruchuphan.jpg
    Meechai Ruchuphan
    Chairman ...
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    Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi
    Thailand's third ...
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    Manoon Siriwan
    Energy Expert
  • images/sobipro/entries/151/Vorapol Socatiyanurak.jpg
    Vorapol Socatiyanurak
    Secretary-General ...
  • images/sobipro/entries/90/Supavud Saicheua.jpg
    Supavud Saicheua
    Economist, Managing ...
  • images/sobipro/entries/125/Korn Chatikavanij.jpg
    Korn Chatikavanij
    Former finance ...
  • images/sobipro/entries/162/Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala.jpg
    Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala
    Ex-Finance ...